Rebecca Singh and Chad Dembski are SINGHSKI

Singh and Dembski are SINGHSKI

Hey everybody! I started a band!

Check it out:

Singhski: At the hotel garden

Part of the Summerworks Theatre Festival Performance Gallery
Aug 13th-17th at the Gladstone Hotel 1214 Queen St. W. 7 to 9 pm

We went away for awhile. In fact, a very long time. But now we’re back and want to show you something. Words have failed us. The theatre is dead. Join us to give life to a new language. We have some songs and some other stuff. We are excited to be here…with you…are you ready?

Singhski is Chad Dembski and Rebecca Singh

Chad Dembski is Artistic Director of surprise performance, who recently mounted “save us!! [Hamletown]” at the HATCH Harbourfront residency series. He is also is creator and performer with Public Recordings (Manuel for Incidence and /dance/songs/) and Small Wooden Shoe (Dedicated to the Revolutions).

Photoshoot fun!

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