In Germany- Making theatre


I have been awarded an international residency at the Staatstheater Stuttgart in Germany for three months. Stuttgart, is Germany’s third largest city and lies in the south west . I’ll have the chance to work on a production from mid February till it opens mid April and then travel to see theatre in other cities too. I’ll be assisting on a show called “Wut” (Rage) which is based on a 2006 film . The director is also the theatre’s Principal Director in Residence Volker Lösch who  (I recently discovered) has gotten himself into some fantastic political trouble in the past few years with his artistic choices involving choruses, I am thrilled to be continuing to develop my practice of working with spoken choruses and to really be able to ask the question “What would Thespis do?”

I’m going to do a photoblog, will post the link in a few weeks.

xo ausDeutschland



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