My Origami Motorcycle

In the spring of 2007 MY ORIGAMI MOTORCYCLE was born. It is a one person play about a trip across the country I made on a motorcycle when I was 18. I had lots of help from friends like Jayne Collins, David King, Katherine Sanders, Stefanie Buxton, Robin Wilcock, Freya Ravensbergen, and Julian Richings. The sound design was done by Njo Kong Kie, set by Kerri Strobl, Ame Henderson and David Allan King were dramaturges.

In June, MY ORIGAMI MOTORCYCLE had it’s world premiere at the Montreal International Fringe Festival.

Here’s what people said:

“This show made me so happy! It was so satisfying. Quest narrative and travel story pushed together elegantly. Rebecca Singh was so good to watch. Every word was a word I needed to hear.” – anonymous, published in Montreal Gazette

“A motorcycle blazing for days across the prairies, a pink snow storm of poisonous pest control substance, a mysterious trail of origami icons, and a kick-ass heroine with the courage to follow through. if Alice had taken a more proactive role in her fate, as, say, a biker chick on a disco-purple Virago, she might have had an adventure like this one. Rebecca Singh is a great storyteller, engaging both the text and the audience.”review by writer/performer Catherine Kidd, published in Montreal Gazette

“Eh? Yes, exactly what I thought when I read about this play that’s currently showing as part of the Montreal Fringe festival. It’s a one woman show by Rebecca Singh about her cross-Canada trip on her 750 Virago when she was 18 years old. Interwoven with her quest to find how to make an Origami motorcycle (which I think is what she did post the trip), Singh does an excellent job of storytelling, even if the Origami bit goes a bit weird at times. Still, a very enjoyable 45 minutes and it’s always good to get a dose of culture once in a while!” – published on CMG online, Canada’s motorcycle magazine.

Montreal Mirror preview here.

Poster Rebecca Singh Rebecca Singh Rebecca Singh