Yes, we were famous in Montreal.

In 2002 I founded a theatre troupe called the Montreal All Star Cheerleaders. We worked together until 2006 and created and performed Kabarett inspired cheerleading infused political satire! We created 2 full length plays and 8 short performance peices. Our work was generously supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Montreal Arts interculturels and the local theatre community. Our new form of theatre “Cheer Theatre” transcended both the language and political divide of Montreal audiences. We had fans in every flavour! In 2004, academic journal, The Canadian Theatre Review published our “Cheer-ifesto” A tounge-in-cheek manifesto of “The Cheer Theatre”. I offer these images of our happy group.

MASC members included: Glenda Braganza, Annie Montcalm-Cardinal, Émilie Gauvin, Lissa Hostland, Lisa Sawler, Rebecca Singh, Nathalie Stechysin, Nadine Sures, Shannon Topinka and Paul Van Dyck.




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