Summerworks 2010


August 12 · 9:00pm

Fiasco Playhouse Summerworks Performance Bar

100 A Ossington Ave

Poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Choral direction by Rebecca Singh

with (in alphabetical order):

Neema Bickersteth

Mark Cassidy

Marjorie Chan

Aidan Devine

Cathy Gordon

Meg Hogarth

Elva Mai Hoover

Njo Kong Kie

Scott Maynard

Leanna Mclennan

Lida Nosrati

Julian Richings

Sasha Wentges

Wayne Wightman

and friends

Voiced by a wealth of talent, this is the fifth part of an interdisciplinary series exploring the manifesto form. Ferlinghetti’s POPULIST MANIFESTO # 1 is a poignant and timely artist to artist statement.

This project is generously supported by:


City Lights Books

Summerworks Theatre Festival


The Ontario Arts Council

Manifesto Series

Cheer-i-festo 2004 (A manifesto on Cheer Theatre, published in Canadian Theatre Review #119)

SCUM Suite (A sonic choreography derived from the SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas, presented at Hysteria 2009, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre)

Metal-festo (A rock and roll anthem, part of the play Headbangers by Sasha Kovacs and Jonathan Heppner Rhubarb 2010, Buddies)

Transformation: Manifesto 2010 (A remix of contemporary manifestos including the Re-mix manifesto, 20 min radio broadcast, New Adventures in Sound Art)

Populist Manifesto # 1 is a part of the Fiasco Playhouse and will be presented at 9PM. Doors open at 8PM Admission: PWYC

August 12th @ Fiasco Playhouse:

National Theatre of the World hosts

Populist Manifesto # 1

Claire et Tom

Dime Store Novels


The Cowgirl Choir.

for more information: 2010/festival-performance- gallery.php