Transformation: Manifesto 2010


New Adventures in Sound Art is one of Canada’s most important organizations when it comes to pushing the boundaries of electroacoustic music and sound art. They host an international symposium every year called Deep Wireless. In May 2010 I was invited to be part of this event by participating in a residency called the Deep Wireless Ensemble. Alongside performance artist Shannon Cochrane, turntable artist Erik Laar (of insideamind) and Gregory Whitehead. On May 29 and 29 we broadcast live in front of an audience. TRANSFORMATION: MANIFESTO 2010 is a 17 minute piece designed for live performance by 4 performers and a multi-channel speaker system. After a journey through a stormy sea the piece washes the listener onto an island of childhood memories captured in song. We hear text sampled from Neo-Romantic, Mad Farmer Liberation Front, Cloud Appreciation Society and NOT IN OUR NAME. MARKE HAMBURG! manifestos which were remixed in live performance, with pyrotechnics for added effect.