to small audiences, with love.

For the fifth year time in seven years I participated in Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. SMALL AUDIENCES was an entire theatre season presented in just one night. Besides the producing, I performed 50 monologues. A link to the program can be found here. It featured: me, Jonathan Heppner, Kimberly Purtell, Leslie McCue, Lindy Kinoshameg, Elva Mai HooverNeema Bickersteth, Gail Nyoka, Ruth Tait,  Norman Yeung Cara Gee, Émilie Gauvin, The Pocketology Collective, Lizzie Violet, Darren Copeland, Marjorie Chan, Jenna Rodgers, Derek Kwan, Jasmine Chen, and Neha Ross.

Small audiences took place at my studio in the Wychwood Barns.

Before this I was part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche ion Toronto many times:

2011 Tell Your Story

2009 Bouncing Brides

2008 Open Field Study

2007 Smash Droppin’ Stuff