Community (Love) Creates Change Exhibition

Community (Love) Creates Change Exhibition

In February I participated in a curated group exhibition at the Community Gallery of the Wychwood Barns with “Canada’s Smallest Theatre Creative Manual” . Click the link to see documentation of the show. The other artists in the exhibition were Lumír Hladík, Patrick Moore, Nicholas Power, Leena Raudvee and Elaine Stewart. Co-curated by Denise Morazé, emerging visual artist in book arts and Oana Tanase, critic and curator of contemporary art.

“Communities are increasingly significant sources of social change. This group exhibition explored how artists of all disciplines worked with, or within them to creatively address issues important to all. From visual art to performance, this show reflected on the specific conditions which let them intersect and the possibilities that arise at such a juncture.” –from C(L)CC website