Pasolini again!

I had a blast diving back into the physicality of THE PASOLINI PROJECT. We were presented by Canadian Stage at the Berkeley Street Theatre as a part of Spotlight.Italy. An ongoing, groundbreaking, and ambitious project by TheatreRUN: PYLADE by Pier Paolo Pasolini was translated by Adam Paolozza and Coleen MacPherson, directed by Adam Paolozza, featuring […]

Happy 1,000,048th Birthday, Art!

For the second year in a row New Adventures in Sound Art hosted Arts Birthday at the Wychwood Barns. I “hosted” the COMIC JAM by Talking Pictures Art’s Birthday was proposed in 1963 by French artist Robert Filliou to celebrate the presence of art in our lives. It has since been celebrated on January 17 […]

More Fine Girls

As a trained audio describer with the team at Picasso Pro I was thrilled to be assigned to describe the production of MORE FINE GIRLS at Toronto’s renowned Tarragon Theatre. Along with co describer Aaron Talbot we attended rehearsals and previews, wrote a script and described this very physical almost-clown show from the booth over […]

Dime Store Novels

As a part of the Fiasco Playhouse, hosted by the venerable and hilarious National Theatre of the World, I told a very embarrassing story at DIME STORE NOVELS, an adult storytelling night closely modeled on the popular US series THE MOTH.        

The Pasolini Project

The Pasolini Project is a new translation of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1968 tragedy PYLADE, a modern continuation of the Oresteia story and a re-imagining of Greek tragedy, complete with a nine-actor Chorus. It examines the vital link between tragedy and politics, the consequences of drastic social change and the inescapable grip of the Past on the Present. The […]

My Messy Bedroom TV

My Messy Bedroom TV This Gemini Award Nominated lifestyle series brought Josey Vogel’s weekly sex advice column “My Messy Bedroom” to life on late night TV. Vogel and friends dished out dating advice and solved relationship issues one vignette at a time as the sexy superhero “Dating Girl”. My character was saved by Dating Girl […]


Undressed An anthology series that followed the relationships (both sexual and romantic) of young people, in the Los Angeles area. The series was controversial for its frank discussions about sex, including depictions of promiscuous behavior between teens, as well as gay and lesbian relationships. I played Lana, the (ph)at girl over several episodes.

Fries with That?

Fries with That? I often appeared in seasons 1 and 2 as a customer: This sitcom revolves around a group of high-school students who work at a local fast food restaurant named Bulky’s in Montreal, Quebec.