I made an appearance as a kindergarden teacher in Overruled! : Shaftesbury Films, the producers of the hit comedy series Life with Derek and Family Channel, an Astral Media Television Network, partner on the new half-hour teen comedy series OVERRULED! is a new tween comedy series about — literally — the trials of JOSH “COOP” […]


Flashpoint: I play as a cop in episode 2 of Season 2. The episode is called “Backwards Day” and was directed by Erik Canuel (Bon Cop Bad Cop). Flashpoint has had huge ratings so far and even came in number one in North America over the summer. It airs on CBS and CTV. EPISODE 12 […]

Open Field Study

On September 29, 2007 I was one of 50 dancers that performed all night in choreographer, Ame Henderson’s 12 hour durational site specific choreography, OPEN FIELD STUDY (All together now). It was an amazing experience and featured live radio broadcast by Eric Craven and Anna Friz. Click here for some incredible photos and video of […]

Lab Cab- the second

In September 07 I performed in a short piece called FACE ME in the carpentry shop of the Factory Theatre. It was really cool actually, Katherine Sanders and I created and performed it together. It’s a comedy about two sisters trying to bond on Facebook, we lit ourselves with laptops while the audience sat in […]

My Origami Motorcycle

In the spring of 2007 MY ORIGAMI MOTORCYCLE was born. It is a one person play about a trip across the country I made on a motorcycle when I was 18. I had lots of help from friends like Jayne Collins, David King, Katherine Sanders, Stefanie Buxton, Robin Wilcock, Freya Ravensbergen, and Julian Richings. The […]

Red Festival

In the spring of 2006 Flea Circus Coop remounted HEAR ME by Krista Dalby at the Red Festival at the Lula Lounge. This time the cast was Anousha Alamian, Richard Allen Campbell, Leanna Brodie, Anthony Malarky, Karie Richards, and myself.

Lab Cab- the first

On September 9 and 10, 2007 I performed in the first ever Lab Cab Festival. We performed an excerpt entitled HEAR ME from Love in the Time of Terror by Krista Dalby. The cast featured Anousha Alamian, Richard Alan Campbell, Elva Mai Hoover, Anthony Malarky, Karie Richards and myself. The Lab Cab Festival is an […]