I sailed the Sargasso Sea!

In August 2010 I began a year long Fellowship at Toronto’s largest multidisciplinary festival, Luminato. Midway through I started to chat with the producer of Visual arts, Robert Vanderberg about doing audio description for  visually impaired patrons. With the festivals support and though partnerships with Theatre Local and Rose Jacobsen through PicassoPro/Creative Trust, I ended […]

It’s only lunch

Or is it? Lunch can be an amazing journey when you mix the right ingredients. As a part of a unique Fellowship at the Luminato Festival, I was tasked to coordinate LUNCHTIME CONVERSATIONS. It turned out not so bad- here’s a rundown of the incredible talent I booked, hosted and sometimes interviewed: Chris Lorway, Devyani […]

Graphic Novel

Springing out of a coincidental conversation at the ARTISTS’ WEEK FESTIVAL in 2009 I began collaborating with Ruth Tait of Talking Pictures. Over the course of 6 months I we put together My Origami Motorcycle, the graphic novel. It has since been published by Domestic Tragedy Press with distribution in Toronto Montreal and New York […]

Canada’s Smallest Theatre (Part 1)

They say you should be careful what you wish for… I dreamed of having a functional studio I could rehearse and create in but it seemed an impossibility for my tiny space. Then, I got chatting with theatre designer Hendrik Scheel, who is based out of Berlin. He came to Toronto to visit and see […]

Summerworks 2010

POPULIST MANIFESTO # 1 August 12 · 9:00pm Fiasco Playhouse Summerworks Performance Bar 100 A Ossington Ave Poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti Choral direction by Rebecca Singh with (in alphabetical order): Neema Bickersteth Mark Cassidy Marjorie Chan Aidan Devine Cathy Gordon Meg Hogarth Elva Mai Hoover Njo Kong Kie Scott Maynard Leanna Mclennan Lida Nosrati Julian […]

Lab Cab- the second

In September 07 I performed in a short piece called FACE ME in the carpentry shop of the Factory Theatre. It was really cool actually, Katherine Sanders and I created and performed it together. It’s a comedy about two sisters trying to bond on Facebook, we lit ourselves with laptops while the audience sat in […]